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Portfolio: JMC451

01. Kids riding Ferris wheel at St. George Festival in Phoenix Downtown, Arizona in October 2019.

02. Students marching for Veterans Day in Downtown San Francisco, California on 10th November, 2019.

03. A couple from New York posing for photoshoot on Brooklyn Bridge in New York in November, 2019.

04. A speaker during an event at Phoenix Convention center in October, 2019.

05. Tiffany Holland, from Bisbee, Arizona posing for a portrait in September, 2019.

06. A girl waving national flag in the Veterans Day Parade on 10th November 2019 in San Francisco.

07. View of Al Catraz island through the mirrors of Pier 39 of San Francisco in November, 2019.

08. Marry Sung and her younger brother Jason Sung gazing outside from their apartment in Phoenix Downtown

09. Students from George Washington High school preparing before Veteran Days Public March on 10th November, 2019.

10. Chicago, a resident from the street of Tempe, Arizona seen with his dog posing in September, 2019.

11. ASU women soccer team played against Utah Women Soccer team in Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe on 27th September.

12. Portrait of Shabanam, daughter of Shaabaan Bhi from Burmese ethnic community in Phoenix, Arizona.

13. Burmese kids with Thankha playing in their apartment complex in Phoenix Downtown

14. Landscape of mountains from Arizona in September, 2019.

15. US-Mexico Border fence from Douglas, Arizona seen in September, 2019.

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